100% Pure Shea Butter


From shaving bumps to babies’ sensitive skin, this butter serves all



It has been proven to reduce the appearance of skin conditions such as eczema, stretch marks, acne scarring, bumps, boils, blemishes, scars, symptoms of psoriasis, sunburn, ringworm, scaly skin, dry & itchy skin conditions, damaged cuticle, weak nails, rashes including diaper rash, uneven skin tone, cold sores, superficial bedsores and wounds, wrinkles, lines, and other skin conditions.

Lanre of All Naturals testified that Shea Butter is called and seen as the Tree of Life by the people of Nigeria, West Africa; where this company used to own a Shea Butter farm. The Shea Butter is used in cooking their food, on their skin, hair, and even eaten raw! Of course, it could be eaten raw as Shea Butter has naturally occurring Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, F, and K. It also boasts of Iron, Calcium, and Protein.

The communities that use this butter in their daily skin and hair regimen have been able to retain a fresher, younger look, firmer beautiful blemish-free skin, and lustrous healthy hair growth. All of these have been attributed to the properties naturally occurring only in the pure, organic 100% Shea Butter that we offer our customers! Our brand does not contain perfume, chemicals, preservatives, or dyes and it is unparallel in its healing and protection properties.

The Pure Shea Butter is the favorite of many as it helps to rejuvenate & restore the skin’s natural elasticity. Pure Shea butter is an excellent facial moisturizer. It actually helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, age spots, and other signs of aging. It is definitely ideal for most skins including sensitive and baby skin.


  1. Keep unused Shea Butter in a cool and dark place. 
  2. Shea Butter marketed by All Naturals Inc. comes from trees that are not cultivated, grown, fertilized nor plasticized; hence our 100% Natural/Unrefined Shea Butter is also 100% organic.
  3. The color of this product may vary from creamy ivory to light yellow.

INCI IngredientsButyrospermum Parkii (100% Unrefined / Organic Shea Butter)

Direction for Use: After hand or body washing, rub between the palms and apply on the skin. This product can be used day or night and it is definitely a must in the Fall and Winter Seasons as it shields the skin from the harsh cold weather while depositing essential nutrients including Calcium and Vitamin D into the skin.

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