All Naturals Cosmetics Inc. (ANCI) is a privately owned company that was established in 2002. Nature is premier to us and as such we expend organic and natural ingredients in our production.

From small to large runs, ANCI can fulfill all of your production needs. Our manufacturing abilities range from cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, creams to lotions, oils, serums, and gels while our packaging capabilities vary from jars, bottles, gallons, pails to drums.

We are small enough to offer personalized hands-on services to the start-up entrepreneur who requires small minimums and large enough to fulfill the demands of a growing and established clientele. From concept to finish, we will stand with you!

Our highly experienced and trained personnel will ensure that each production is according to customer’s specifications. When one of our clients has a concern, we are quick to respond as we understand that lost sales for our clients equal lost sales for ANCI.
What sets us apart from the competition includes our impeccable customer care services, devotion to natural, organic ingredients, and quality control procedures. From our laboratory to the production floor to warehousing and shipping of finished products, we are guided by GMP as well as Health Canada regulations.

We have a heart
ANCI is committed to making our community greener and alleviates suffering and pain.
• To achieve this, we buy wholesome ingredients from around the world. We have supported the women of Apaola and their Shea butter making industry in Osun State, Nigeria, West Africa. We are currently supporting fair trade Shea butter suppliers from Ghana, West Africa, and Argan oil suppliers from Morocco, North Africa. To see the Apaola Shea butter making process click here

• ANCI continues to support individuals and families with sickle cell disease (SCD) in Ontario. SCD is a debilitating, painful, and life-threatening disease.

Do You Know That?
ANCI remains the 1st and only African-Canadian-owned company with products in mass outlets including selected Shoppers Drug Mart, Wal-Mart, Jean Contu, Pharma Plus, and Pharma Prix stores in Canada. Visit the ethnic skincare or health & beauty shelves of these stores and look for the Shea “All Naturals” brand

Our COVID Message

At ANCI, your body, soul and spirit are taken into consideration from inception to the finishing of each product. We employ ethical and sustainable practices from raw material procurement to production. We find inspiration for doing so in nature which is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but to be emulated as a model of sustainability. And the end result?… with ingredients so natural, our products do not only enhance physical appearance and self-confidence but also nourish the  environment.

Our principles are nature inspired-  summed up in our beliefs and have positioned us as a catalyst for awareness and change both at individual and collective levels.


  • We believe that the microscopic actions of single individuals have the power to change the course of human attitude towards mother earth and global sustainability. We will continue to help steer society in a more earth-friendly direction for our benefit and the benefit of generations to come.
  • We believe that our planet is strong yet delicate and must be treated with care.
  • We believe that we must do our part in preserving this planet for the future generation.
  • We believe in promoting the welfare and health of our consumers by providing them with natural, organic and holistic products at most reasonable, affordable prices.
  • We believe in what we do and stand by it.
  • We believe that our customers are Kings and Queens. As such, we must go above and beyond to provide them with exceptional services.

Who would think that back in the year 2002 when All Naturals Cosmetics Inc. was established, that Shea Butter will become a household name today?

Today, this healing butter dating many centuries has continued to prove its efficacy as a home remedy- restoring skin from ailments nature’s organic way. By including “Shea” in our trademark, ANCI recognized what nature intended all along – skin health the “All Natural” way. Please enjoy our pictorial story on Shea butter by clicking the images and using the arrows to move from one page to the next. Thank you.
Do you know that?

ANCI is the first Canadian company to market 100% pure, unrefined, organic  Shea butter in Canadian mass store outlets such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean-Contu, Pharma Plus, and Pharma Prix stores.

Equitable Access to Education: Since its inception, ANCI has been giving back to its community.

We have made it our responsibility to not only develop products that will improve the skin health and well-being of our clientele; but in 2005, we also founded the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario (SCAGO) to advance equitable access to optimal health care for individuals and families with sickle cell disease.

Furthermore, we also contribute yearly to the Sunday Afolabi Scholarship Grant established for youths with sickle cell disease who unlike their peers are not able to combine schooling with working. Over 25 youths have been supported to date and we are proud to be a supporter of this worthy initiative. This is our little way of advancing equitable access to education in Canada and we hope you will help us continue with this life-enhancing work.

Meet the first two scholarship recipients from 2005.

To donate to the Sickle Cell Awareness Group of Ontario, visit: www.sicklecellanemia.ca


Equitable Access to Care and Treatment: Many children in third-world countries are dying needlessly due to limited access to standard care. To combat this problem, All Naturals Cosmetics Inc. supported the Sick Kids hospital in 2014 to raise vital funds necessary to train care providers in West Africa.

Recently, our president and co-founder, Lanre Tunji-Ajayi was also appointed the interim president/CEO of the Global Alliance of Sickle Cell Disease Organizations (GASCDO).

We are pleased to impact the global community positively and we thank you for supporting us!

While we typically do not tout our own horn, but again, there is merit in providing that our ethical and industry-leading practices have earned us a few awards in the community.


Corporate Vision Magazine Award in:

  1. Best Organic Personal Care Products Manufacturer
  2. The distinction in Custom Production Services

African Canadian Achievement Awards: Excellence in Business

Planet Africa Award: Visionary Award

Ghanaian Women’s Courage Award: Excellence in Business, Community Development, and Philanthropy

ANCI will not compromise on quality and as such devotes time to assure the quality of each batch we produce. We subject each batch to a battery of quality assurance testing that is specially chosen for that specific product.
We subject our products to outside laboratory preservative challenge test as well as in-house quality assurance test.
Furthermore, once the product is tested to exceed all regulatory compliance, it is also routinely inspected during the manufacturing and packaging processes. This guarantees both consistency of the product, as well as consistency of fill weights, packaging components, etc.

Welcoming your comments
Many of the items in our bottles took years of formulating and testing before it makes it to your home. In spite of all the care that we have taken to ensure that you receive products that perform at and above our expectations; we continue to add and improve on the ingredients all the time.

  • Our commitment is to ensure your body is at peace with nature.
  • We also welcome your suggestions and comments on new products we should consider.
  • We are here to serve you and we are grateful for the opportunity.
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