Shea Butter

Who would think that back in the year 2002 when All Naturals Cosmetics Inc. was established, that Shea Butter will become a household name today?

Today, this healing butter dating many centuries has continued to prove its efficacy as a home remedy- restoring skin from ailments in nature’s organic way. By including “Shea” in our trademark, ANCI recognized what nature intended all along – skin health the “All Natural” way. Please enjoy our pictorial story on Shea butter by clicking the images and using the arrows to move from one page to the next. Thank you.
Do you know that?

ANCI is the first Canadian company to market 100% pure, unrefined, organic  Shea butter in Canadian mass store outlets such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean-Contu, Pharma Plus, and Pharma Prix stores.