Quality Control

ANCI will not compromise on quality and as such devotes time to assure the quality of each batch we produce. We subject each batch to a battery of quality assurance testing that is specially chosen for that specific product.
We subject our products to outside laboratory preservative challenge tests as well as in-house quality assurance tests.
Furthermore, once the product is tested to exceed all regulatory compliance, it is also routinely inspected during the manufacturing and packaging processes. This guarantees both consistency of the product, as well as consistency of fill weights, packaging components, etc.

Welcoming your comments
Many of the items in our bottles took years of formulating and testing before it makes it to your home. In spite of all the care that we have taken to ensure that you receive products that perform at and above our expectations; we continue to add and improve on the ingredients all the time.

  • Our commitment is to ensure your body is at peace with nature.
  • We also welcome your suggestions and comments on new products we should consider.
  • We are here to serve you and we are grateful for the opportunity.