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Our cleanser bases are very luxurious and provide deep conditioning. Options include Goat milk, Shea butter, Vanilla, Neem oil, Ylang Ylang, Black Soap, Plantain, Palm oil, Argan Oil Soap bases. These can be purchased in bulk- melt & pour packages of 3kg or 5kg packs or individual bars of 100-120 grams each

Melt & Pour soap gives you the opportunity to be creative with your soaps. Below are instructions for you to turn our bulk soaps into your pieces of art work.

Get ready the following:
Pots or a double boiler, thermometer, ladle, rubber spatula for stirring, glass or plastic pitcher and a scale (optional), isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle (optional)


1.Find two pots where one will fit inside the other (about a 1.5 gallon or larger, plus a lid), if you have a large double boiler…even better.

2. Fill the bottom pot with water till the inner pot starts to float

3. Cut the Soap slab into pieces and place these into the pot.

4. Set your stove to medium heat.

5. A 5kg slab will melt in about 1 hour, (thermometer temperature should be around 65-70c / 140-160f)

6. Add colors and pour into your molds.

7. After setting, if you have trouble releasing soap from molds, dip them in hot water.

8. All soaps shrink about 10-12%, allow for this shrinkage if you indicate the weight

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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