Shea in the Summer!

After what seems like a long year – summer is finally here. Although most of us live for the longer, sunnier days, warm weather, and our summer BBQs, we are not fond of our oily skin, sunburns, and high UV exposure.

Here’s how you can get rid of all those pesky summer issues: the best ingredient for the skin – Shea butter! Originally extracted from the African Shea tree, the modern western world has now rediscovered Shea butter and has used it to revolutionize skincare.

Shea butter is best known as a versatile moisturizer that will not clog your pores, and it allows your skin to breathe freely during the intense heat of summer. Here are five ways you can unlock the benefits of using Shea Butter in your summer skincare routine:

Mild UV Protection (SPF-6)
Raw, unrefined Shea butter is naturally rich in vitamins A, E, and F. It offers low-level UV protection. Regular use of Shea butter helps prevent your skin from peeling. If you suffer from sunburns, apply Shea butter liberally on your skin to soothe and quickly heal your damaged skin.

Anti-Aging Effects
The richness in vitamins also allows Shea butter to have amazing anti-aging properties. It will moisturize skin deeply, reducing the look of wrinkles, and prevent aging sun damage.

Natural, Effective Face and Body Moisturizer for All Skin Types
Shea butter provides the skin with antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and the nutrients needed for collagen production. No matter what skin type you have – whether you suffer from acne, eczema, normal, dry, or oily skin, Shea butter has healing benefits for everybody. Shea butter reduces blemishes, gently soothes and richly moisturizes your skin, and keeps it looking soft and youthful throughout the summer.

Reduces Inflammation
Triterpenes in the Shea butter may expedite relieving inflammation when massaged into aching joints and inflamed areas – a relief for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatic pain.

Insect bite relief
Apply Shea butter to overexposed parts of your body to ward off blood-sucking insects. It may not be as effective as chemical insect repellents, but it is definitely a safer solution. Thankfully, the anti-inflammatory property of Shea butter reduces itching and soreness associated with treating mosquito bites and bee stings.

Where to Buy Organic, Grade A Shea Butter
When buying Shea butter be wary of purchasing it from beauty supply and commercial stores since it is often poor quality, unrefined, and masked with artificial fragrances, and bleached. Nothing will be as effective as what is naturally produced from the heart of Africa. 100% Pure, Raw, Unrefined, Shea Butter from All Naturals – proudly sourced from Africa and made in Canada – will pamper and care for your skin. For the summer, we are offering 10% off all products on our website except bulk products.